Advice on dating a law student ga dating sites

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Advice on dating a law student

5) Spouse/Partner visa on the basis of a relationship with a European (non-UK) citizen: Same rules apply as above (married; or if not married- lived together for 2 years) but the outcome is a visa for 5 years, after which you can apply for permanent residency. The government fee is very small comparing to a fee for spouses of British citizens.There is no English language and no Financial requirements.This also covers civil partners (same-sex partners who registered their relationship at a Register Office).It does not matter if your visa expires soon and/or you only recently got married.Available options: Please note: below is a simplified summary only, for an advice for your individual circumstances we advise to book our ADVICE SESSION, which can be conducted over email or at our office in the City of London.1) Tier 2 (General) sponsored work visa: For those who are lucky to have a job offer from a licensed Sponsor (employer) and a Certificate of Sponsorship.In this case, when switching from Tier 4 Student to Tier 2 General inside the UK, there is no annual limit and no need for the employer to advertise the job first (ie no need for a Resident Labour Market Test).

You need a new Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) and there has to be academic progression, such as from Bachelor to Master.There is an overall limit of 5 years on studies at a degree level (for most disciplines) and an overall limit of 3 years on studies below degree level.This application can also be done on PREMIUM SAME-DAY SERVICE.After this you can get extension (same Spouse visa again) for another 2.5 years.After total of 5 years on Spouse/Partner visas you could apply for permanent residency. Switching from Tier 4 to a Spouse/Partner visa can also be done on PREMIUM SAME-DAY SERVICE and we can help with appointments as well as, naturally, with the checking documents and completing the application form.

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A visa allows to work for any employer or be self-employed.