Ang dating daan youtube

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Ang dating daan youtube

It helps that most of these workers speak Surprisingly Good English, a mark of the nation's colonized past.

Roosevelt, but not before making a promise to return.That, too, met with resistance from Madrid, and by the time one of the movement's leaders, doctor and novelist José Rizal, was executed on December 30, 1896, calls for reform had already given way to those for armed revolt.The Philippine Revolution, led by Andres Bonifacio and the "Katipunan" secret society (whose full acronym was KKK, no relation to the American one) broke out in August 1896.After a long hiatus, Spanish colonization began in earnest in 1565 from Cebu under Miguel Lopez de Legazpi, before conquering Panay and finally Manila in 1571, where they established the capital of the Spanish East Indies, which includes what is now Guam, the Federated States of Micronesia, the Northern Mariana Islands and Palau.It was also part of the Viceroyalty of New Spain with Mexico, during which time Manila and Acapulco became the ports-of-call for galleon fleets which bring migrants, food and missionaries, thus contributing to the Philippines' Latin American flavor.

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), is a Southeast Asian country with an amalgamation of Malay, Chinese, and Spanish roots and cultures on the western end of the Pacific Ocean.

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