Consolidating sql databases

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The opposite of MPP is SMP (Symmetric Multiprocessing) which basically means the traditional one server systems. In database world the examples are traditional SQL Server, Oracle, My SQL etc.These SMP databases can also be used for both OLTP and OLAP purposes.Airline ticketing system is another example of an OLTP system, or order processing system.

Three commonly used stages that I have observed at customer site are described below: Azure SQL DW is a Massively Parallel Processing (MPP) data warehousing service.

The topic of data movement in an MPP system is a whole another blog topic by itself, that we will tackle in a different blog.

Besides Azure SQL DW, some other examples of a MPP data warehouses are Hadoop (Hive and Spark), Teradata, Amazon Red Shift, Vertica, etc.

Before we discuss what workload is good for Azure SQL DW, let’s discuss what Azure SQL DW is not good for.

Azure SQL DW is not a good match for the following scenarios: We have already covered the first three points at the beginning of our blog.

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