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Dating barbed wire

The heraldic office of Portcullis Pursuivant of Arms in Ordinary, a junior officer of arms in the College of Arms at London, dates from this period.It is through Lord Charles Somerset, son of the 5th Duke of Beaufort, that the portcullis has found its way into several South African coats of arms.Often, two portcullises to the main entrance would be used.

The artifact appeared in a sector that archaeologists believe is part of an indigenous cemetery complex.The portcullis was the heraldic badge of the House of Beaufort, and the first Tudor king, Henry VII, who was of matrilineal Beaufort descent, adapted both the portcullis and the Tudor rose into Royal badges of the House of Tudor.Since then, the portcullis has been a moderately common motif of English heraldry, especially that heraldry dating from the Tudor period.Institutions that derive the portcullis from these arms include a school, chamber of commerce and a rugby club.Other (approximately 30) South African coats of arms that include a portcullis are not necessarily related to either Lord Somerset or any of the town named for and by him.

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The rock also has two compound parallel spirals, placed in opposite directions.

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