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The potatoes are around 65peso for a half kilo at the mall with fixed price. Electricity in a 3 room house using a fridge, stove and aircon is around 2500 peso a bad month. BUT, you need to check that the electricity and water is payed before you rent. DO NOT RUN, you will get killed of the police, legaly. Then take a taxi home, dont walk drunk and alone at night. also found that all shop owners and taxi drivers are very honest. The crime of course would be still around that crime happens in every place world wide .

And if you are stupid inuff to have or use drugs here... If you want to get out to dance and get drunk, bring a friend. Pray for me every one Been to Davao on numerous occasions and never had any worries about crime.

As a city in Mindanao, Davao city is subjected to Martial Law. Because, he got rid of the Riff Raff, & made Davao a safe family city. Most Philippino's who go to Davao City, they know, that once they enter the City precincts, that's it. 17 September 2013: 0 dead, 5 injured The mall was subjected to one of the two terrorist bombings that occurred in 17 September 2013,[191] with their both abandoning shopping malls attacked at Gaisano Mall of Davao firstly, and lastly would be SM City Davao during their both blast sites I have lived in Davao for ten years. You have clothing expenses, laundry, haircut (you cam details a 40 peso haircut) I now have to have a caregiver.

Contrary to the news in the national tv, the residents do not feel harassed. I could not live here in 0 or &1000 it 00 a month. Men come here thinking health will always be perfect and there will neve be any surprise expenses think again. I will Love Davao and I will be happy if I can get all my relatives and live in Davao City. is that data up-to-date because i'm planning to look for a house in Davao at if the above data is the Cost of living allowance there.

0 - 0 equivalent against to my local currency is my total monthly expenditures per month and in a minimal and practical living, that includes my rent, utilities(water, electric and transpo with taxi or jeepney) and food. (8 hours of work/day) It cannot be deny that agriculture products in Davao are cheap, because of wide farm lands in and city outskirts. DAVAO is of no argument one of the safest but cheapest city to live with.500 dollars monthly on all necessary expenditures you could live a decent and comfy life here in our humble city...(with wide range of soon to be wives to choose from) #carol on Jul 09, 2014 : I lived here in davao city almost 3 yrs. You can buy cheaper food/products in bankerohan or in downtown. I can proudly say that Davao is a very peaceful place.

if you think about living into more active life with a lot of fancy occasions and rough activities.. Here are my expenses evry month: Small room rent (boardinghouse) - 1,500.00 including water bill. Crime rates are low and is very safe even at night.

I'm fairly certain that places like Syria or Yemen never get qualified as safe in speech for a lot of different reason. I am attached to Davao since 2001(for serious reason), It WAS a nice place to be, not anymore thanks to idiots foreigners( lonely loosers and perverts) and technology(smartphones,internet,watsapp,skype). As a family with 2 children living in a western style apartment building that we own, some of the expenses we have are: 1) Davao Light (electricity) PHP5,000/month 2) Condo fees PHP 2,700/month 3) Average of real estate taxes PHP 5,000/year 4) PLDT ADSL 8Mbps: 3,800/month 5) Paulaner in SM: PHP120/bottle, restaurant PHP140-180/bottle 6) Hoegaarden in SM: PHP100/bottle 7) 100Gr Jamon Serano (from Deli Swish): - PHP350/100Gram 8) Weekly groceries at least PHP8,000 I estimate to live there full time, we'd need US,000/month to have a good living western style. They use much more water) Food (2 adults 1 2yr old and 1 expecting) 8000-10000 (includes lots of beer and snacks). And yes a good place to retire and remarried when you find the right decent, simple and contented woman. And don't use too much money on shopping and everything for her.

Davao, on the other hand, has quite a few draws, especially for a single guy. Now is May 2017 Davao is packed with foreigners, indians are everywhere, traffic is insane, big malls, filipinos dont greet anymore as it was in 2014 even, Toyotas, BMW, Mercedes you name it, all kind of cars(and not cheap ones) filipinos are changing to the worst, loosing their hospitable spirit because money taking over their minds, and all that agressive movies from the sick doomed west that they show on TV get translated to bisaya or tagalog language makes filipinos like westerners( agressive, narrow minded, fake creatures). Big companies are moved in, condos are built left and right, i just know around 10 ongoing big projects that going on right now as i type this, prices hmmmm, 100 square meters 3 bedroom 17million pesos(more than 300.000$), this place is doomed to distruction( loosing its Davao spirit, peaceful, laid back, uncrowded town). Rody Duterte is the man responsible for making Davao such a great, liveable, & particularly - safest city in Ph'lpns. That would be excluding private schooling for the kids. I have a girl friend MELANIE who is 26yrs old, has a daughter less than one yr old. Cell phone 500-700 Transportation 3000-4000 (wife works daily) Cooking gas 11kgs 215 avg per month. You'll know if she wants to know you more or want your money. One commenter said that 0 a month is a decent amount for monthly expenses. My feance' lives curintly in Gen San and her family is in Davao.

Everyone should obviously follow the city ordinances too. Do not listen to practically all of the negative comments. (Ha, except if U wish to buy property in or around Davao. Two soldiers were also hurt and evacuated to Davao Medical Center.Electricity (i have aircon, flat screen tv and heater) - 1,000.00 pesos Grocery - 1,500.00 pesos Food - 50.00 pesos per day x 30 days total of 1,500.00 pesos per month. Even though I'm a woman, I can go home at in the morning without worrying that something might happen to me. Public transport such as jeeps and taxis are still available even in the wee hours in the morning.Transportation - 20.00 - 30.00 pesos a day for only in jeepneys and tricycles. Their are a lot of cheap restaurants around the city. The only problem here is the weather and the traffic specially during rush hours. 1000 US, or 40,000 p in Davao City, should go MUCH further. You can buy cheaper food/products in bankerohan or in downtown. since every day in the Philippines there will be changes specially the market price of food.#Alex It is a nice place if you like near oceans and land trips. Do not listen to those that have never been there and make remarks on something they have no idea about. act like an idiot then your just asking for trouble.Food is a bit cheaper but housing it depends of what type of house you gonna need 20K$ is a good start to live, you can live a comfortable life with it. Davao is a nice city but totally overrated as regards safety and development.

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So, i spent approximately 6,000.00 - 7,000.00 pesos a month. And since Kadayawan(a yearly festival) is fast approaching, traffic would be far heavier than before. It's true that medicine (doctor visits etc) can be more expensive... I've been to the Phils 3 times, and spent a total of several months there. My gf wants to move to Davao City, because of the low crime, low cost of living (especially compared to manila), pleasant environment (most beautiful city in the phils to some), and great social miliue. Here are my expenses evry month: Small room rent (boardinghouse) - 1,500.00 including water bill. i am living in uae and would like to know how much is the cost of living in davao.