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Pictured above are passengers inside the train waiting to be evacuated The incident comes just days before extensive track repairs begin at Penn Station, which is owned and operated by Amtrak.

Facebook user Rich Denison captured images inside the derailed train.'Our train derailed in Penn - cops just walked through to check for injuries - can't evacuate - surrounded by 3rd rails #njtransit #amtrak suck,' he wrote in a post.Denison shared two photos showing firefighters on-board the train as passengers began the long evacuation process.The now full ACES would then rendezvous with the B330 and perform multiple maneuvers to deliver the B330 to its final position in Low Lunar Orbit.A Nasa astronaut has taken the first steps into the International Space Station's new inflatable habitat.

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'Our lunar depot plan is a strong complement to other plans intended to eventually put people on Mars.