Radiometric dating techniques available to anthropologists

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Radiometric dating techniques available to anthropologists

Microscopic and biomedical considerations of bone and cartilage, age, sex, and regional differences among modern human populations. Contemporary global health through the lens of cultural anthropology and related social sciences; local communities' response to globally-directed intervention into disease.

The site is located approximately 1.5 hours from UWM and limited daily transportation to and from campus is available.Aspects of popular culture including music, information technology, tourism, and film, video, and museum-spectacles in light of anthropological theory.Prereq: jr st; grade of C or better in English 102(P) or score of 637 or higher on EPT.Evolution, adaptation, and distribution of living primates, including humans, comparative primate adaptations and skeletal anatomy. Prereq: jr st; Anthro 301(P) or cons instr; grade of C or better in English 102(P) or score level 4 on EPT. Roles of hormones in evolution and expression of animal behaviors, particularly aggression, stress, mating, parenting, and cognition; emphasis on humans. Prereq: jr st; intro course in physical anthro, bio sci, or psych. Combination of ethnographic methods with archaeological research questions to achieve a better understanding of material culture. Prereq: jr st; Anthro 102(P) or 103(P) or cons instr.Evolutionary theory and its application to the primate fossil record. Morphological and functional examination of the skeletal system. Evolutionary principles influencing human populations. Anthropological theories of human brain evolution, and its role in complex human cultural traits, including sociality, language, tool manufacture, cogntion, and emotion. Nature of and relationship between power and ideology in past societies; theoretical perspectives and methods used by archaeologists to study power and ideology. Social/political ramifications of the study, interpretation, presentation, conservation of the archaeological past; institutions/stakeholders involved in those processes: museums, scholars, ethnic groups, the public. Prereq: jr st; Anthro 102(P) or 103(P) or cons instr.

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Anthro 447 & Global 447 are jointly offered; they count as repeats of one another. Relationships of human societies to natural environments; energy systems involved in processes of human adaptation; ways in which culture and society operate as dynamic components of that exchange. Political organization: forms of authority, responsibility, accountability, and power in societies at different levels of social complexity and in different ecological contexts. Historic preservation and cultural resource management in American archaeology; the legislative base, federal and state programs, the national register, regional planning, and research orientations. Development of the historical archaeology discipline; issues of method and theory; use of documentary, oral, and material culture evidence to interpret the recent past. Archaeological study of mortuary behavior and osteology to understand cultural variability in social organization, disease, nutrition, and violence.

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