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Lauren also enjoys gymnastics and performs pretty well in local competitions often winning her disciplines.

Since my collection of images is growing I have placed pictures of them, and other competitors and friends in a couple of hidden galleries on my website you can find one that relates to RUNNING and another that relates to CYCLING & TRIATHLON separate from my primary business of landscape photography. More images and reports on various events will be added time permitting.

We marvelled at our encounters with these animals which weren't just on show in game reserves, but just as likely witnessed at the side of a road.

In Britain the largest animal we regularly come across is a red deer stag, but even so homosapien is undoubtedly king.

thing I am frequently asked is, "What are your favourite images that you've made".

Well you can see my thoughts on that in the 3 Dozen Finest Gallery, on this website.

I have two high end Nikon Coolscan 9000ED scanners which I currently use in my own work.

have been scanning my work for over 20 years on an almost daily basis, by that yard stick alone I must surely be considered an expert, so if you find yourself needing a few favourite transparencies scanned have a wee look at what I can offer.

To that end I have introduced a service that I hope will fill the gap in the middle.

After we had completed our stay on Lofoten we travelled to Tromso hired a vehicle and drove to Senja.

We stayed ay Hamn i Senja which proved an ideal base and from there explored the island. A level three feet or so made the island staggeringly beautiful but also extremely difficult to explore away from the road, even with snow shoes.

I hope to be around at the gallery on a number of occasions particularly at weekends that I am not running a workshop or masterclass and I will be delighted to meet you, answer any questions I can and of course offer advice on any of the pictures, cards and books on sale.

Bookings are as usual on a first come first served basis.

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Now I don't know about you, but if a large bull elephant were to amble across the road in front of me I personally think it sensible to defer to the elephant and that would hold true in respect of any of the so-called Big 5 and a few other beasts beside.

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