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Will goes shot-for-shot with a football star at a party to impress Tyra Banks, ends up passing out in a graveyard, and is awakened by a bunch of poker-playing ghosts.The lesson here is kind of a combo platter of Lessons 13 and 16.The family is living happily and peacefully in Los Angeles.The multitalented artist Alfonso Ribeiro was born on September 21, 1971.

On September 2, 2014, he joined the 19th season of on 2015.

But beyond the music, beyond the laughs, "Fresh Prince" stands out for its big, beating heart — and there's still a lot you can learn from it, 25 years down the line. "Down in the basement, sitting on a tricycle, girl getting on my nerves.

Here are 25 "Fresh Prince" episodes and moments that still resonate all these years later: Award-winning Phil has to reconcile his self-made success with his farm-boy beginnings when his folks roll into town. A sweet southern meal at the end of the day, and the realization that you should never abandon your roots. Going out of my mind, I thought she was fine, don't know if her body is hers." Translation?

Carlton and Will need to make fast cash after selling off one of Aunt Viv's prized possessions, so they end up booking gigs as male strippers. Carlton pulls an accidental Lannister when he starts gawking at a beautiful woman — only to realize that it's his sister Ashley. You're only human, but maybe you ought to take a minute to collect yourself before ogling every beautiful person who passes you by.

Phil, Will and Carlton are trapped in a snowstorm and need to burn a big bag of cash for warmth.

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