Wife is dating another woman

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Wife is dating another woman

"Put a picture of their dog, or better yet, put a picture of their favorite cartoon.

A lot of police officers do that.""I felt sorry for him because he said, you know, 'I thought that I might have found my soul mate,'" Smith said.

Smith said she contacted Plenty of Fish to get the profile taken down, and even had to send a copy of her driver's license, plus her email address and birthday, and even then it took another day to get the profile taken down.

Samson Folarin and Afeez Hanafi Two homes met fatal ends in the Gboko area of Benue State, and Oto-Awori area of Lagos State, on Sunday, after two spouses took the law into their own hands to protest against their partners’ alleged acts of infidelity.

' and he looked up at me, kind of startled and he's like, 'yes, you know me.'" Smith recalled. ' And he said to me, 'are you going to play this game, seriously?

'"The game had been played on both Smith and the man who thought he knew her.

The wife was alleged to have separated from him after the suspect started hallucinating and claiming some people were demanding blood from him.

He noted that the victim’s father, Daniel Akighir, later arrived at the scene and took the daughter’s body to a hospital.He explained that the noise later stopped as neighbours thought that the issues had been resolved.“When nobody came out of the room, we had suspicions and broke the door.The man had been talking to who he thought was Chrissy Smith on the dating site Plenty of Fish, but Smith said she does not and never has had a profile on that site.The man showed her the Plenty of Fish profile with her name, her Facebook profile picture, and a month's worth of conversations.

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We rushed him to a hospital where he was resuscitated. She took their two children to her sister’s place and did not return.